First blog post

Lets start my blog with thoughts of the day; today is my first blog and its May 28, 2016!!!
My name is Juan P; I live in what I think is THE magic City, Miami, more specifically South Miami..
I work in sales,lets say I sell widgets!!! I hate selling widgets, I loved it once, ive been trying to sell these dam widgets for 19 years now, before widgets I worked in a bank for 11 years; looking back and yes unlike to idiots that say no regrets, I have a few…
I miss working in the bank, the environment, the respect and good people, lets say today i sell my widgets in the construction industry, what a bunch of low life’s I have met and I myself in a couple of occasion,  stooped down to that level of low life, Juan became a low life a bit there! so here i am today, writing about me life, my thoughts and yes my regrets, I do this I think for me to get things of my chest more than to please anyone. I am sitting in a Macdonald’s watching my wife work her butt of for $9.00 an hour and I just seams wrong, but my bad decisions have brought us here, I suck at selling today,  I think its because I hate the people and I have become one of those people I hate, In the past 8 months I have made a few bad very bad decisions, and I am paying dearly for it, lets say I am paying back debts!!!!
I particularly regret, listening to my cousin 19 years ago, that said “come work with me in the building materials business, lots of money to be made” this was partly true, but I ended up burning out and becoming a not so good person, NO I am not blaming anyone here except myself, I changed through the years of widget sells, the last 8 months have kicked my ass and I am trying to go back to the person I was; I general I dont like the people in my industry, and more I dont the like the people that sell things in this industry
Also the BIGGEST regret by far is the way I handled my relationship with my son way back in 2003 approximately??!!! its been a while and even though I love that boy, my only son, I handled things so poorly I lost lost that connection with him, to this day I regret this so much, I have tried to deal with it, very poorly I must say, tried many things good things and bad this, well get more into this, in a bit
lets get to more juicy stuff; **I dont likes dumb people/ignorant people/ people that think they know it all/ people that hate other people (bigots to be more specific) should fall under ignorant people but what the heck they are just bigots and ignorant, its my blog to Ill say what I want!! I like people that are honest (no shit Juan)  but let me say more these people are rare, very rare, I think I might just now 3-4 of them, people get confused with “O this guy is so honest and good!!!” bullshit, this is so rare you might see a humble Donald Trump before you ever see this…
Things I dont like;
**Hippocrates, people that call themselfs friends? real friends are so so rare we often confuse them for acquaintances, bigots, ignorant people, alot (not all) of today’s kids they dont know shit about the world, In Miami everyone calls you “brother” , politicians, big business, the minimum wage; this is a joke, and then conservatives say O these people are on welfare and food stamps, well lets pay a far wage and “these” people wont qualify for these goverment programs, i dont like people that hate Obama care/ its an bad program BUT give me another option, republicans?? or better yet ignorant people and bigots are the first to complain about this, but yet they never offer an alternative; they say no goverment interference, the government can do anything right? well let me tell you, a goverment program named “medicare” works perfectly for  retirees!!!!!! my parents use it and it works it really works, imagine that the right wing fanatics are wrong! or they are lying.
Its true at times I hate when the far leftist or socialist say ” but every advanced society has this”  there I dont agree, we Americans have become a great nation because we are not like the other countries, we are the best nation, but its with being the best, that comes responsibilities and we are failing in health care, Obama tried something, its not a good system but its something, lets go back and see why… We in America maybe 30 years back, had great factories. alot of them, we built things, we paid good wages, were a family of 4 could live of an income from a factory worker, my father is an example, he came to this country (Legally!!) in 1965, with no money, but with huge work ethic, born in Ecuador (thats in South America for you young people that dont know about maps)..He had knowledge of working in factories, my grandfather had a tuna/sardines packing plant in Valdivia, Ecuador, so when he arrived to New York, he was helped by my uncle who was all ready living here for a couple of years, he refered him to factory were they made “rivets” and machine parts, so my dad applied and was hired, he worked his ass off; so all these bigots that bad mouth Latin as all lazy are wrong, we Latin and of course there are exceptions to everything, hard working extremely loyal, family oriented, quite religious, sounds like the ideal American ?? yes we are.. The resent latins coming to this country have giving, latins a bad name, but its not beacuse of our culture, its beacuse today the opportunities, like my father had, are not there anymore, the American dream, its so, so difficult to reach for latins, with no college degrees, coming here,they are place in low income neighborhoods, were getting into trouble is so much easier that getting a job, today, and its the same for the black society, were are left with minimum wage jobs/or close to the minimum, its working at McDonalds, or similar, with very little other options, if someone wanted to work full time, say a single mother of 2 at McDonalds, make $8.75 an hour and I know this is the correct salary, she can still qualify for food stamps, if she wanted to apply and other goverment programs, them these poor hard working individuals are condemned by the far lunatic right, as lazy latins or blacks for exploiting our goverment for help? WTF she is making $375.00 a week, before taxes are taking out, and lets not even discuss health care, but lets; they would deduct $175.00 per paycheck to cover herself and her 2 children?? ok so how can these people survive on $160.00  take home pay after taxes and health care, and forget, dental and eyewear insurance, next in her list of importance would be a home? woa forget ever buying one, so lets rent! im in Miami, and if I were this single mother, I would ideally want my children to go to a good school, forget private school, with by the way, my father with his factory job back in the late 1960s was able to pay for, I went to a private Catholic school, my father to me is a god and love him and my mother, they somehow put my sister (who is also a hard working single mother of 3 ! with an invisible ex husband that never helped her or the kids, only once in a great while he would do her the favor of a few dollars) my sister worked her ass of for her kids, and today 2 of them are working as nurses in Miami at hospitals, woa again my sister is a bad ass, her other child, he jsut graduated from HS he has a very hard road ahead of him, again were is daddy? to help, guide, he cat be used as an example for sure, so in a way is best that at this point, he stay away.. I love my sister she is one of the toughest persons I know, like me we’ve made our share of mistakes, but I think we have learned our lessons, and today we try and look forward, and forgive yourself for the past.
So lets look back I know im awful at this writing thing I jump around, we Americans need to step up, as a nation, and say the truth, the America dream, its extremely hard to acheive today, I hope we as a country do someting, like the minimum wage, but more important, we do shift from a society of the just for me! to a society were companies are not just looking at the bottom line, how many more billions does; just examples of course; Macdonald’s, comcast, verizon, GE, ford need to make?? I read that alot of these companies are so out raged about Obama care and the minimum wage? WTF again, that right wing bigot from Papa Johns pizza says he would need to increase his pizza price, to absorb a wage increase, I looked more into this and its $00.85 CENTS!!! what a dummy this guy is, I Don’t have alot of money, but to better our society and help people 85 cents, I am in sign me up, what a jerk this guy is and there are many many more like him, only the bottom line counts, sad, today’s society is sick, and we as a country need to give it medicine, I am NOT A SOCIALIST let me be clear, after all i have said, the words of Donald Trump currently says alot, this pure capitalist understand, if I beleive him is another subect all together, but even this man gets it, he has taken full advantage of our system and rules, I dont blame him for it, like him going into bankruptcy, abusing our stupid tax return system, he exploits everything he can, but when a poor mother of 2 , wants to get goverment help in the for a say food stamps; its OMG these latins or blacks they abuse the system so much?? again sorry but WTF.. I wish this mother could just do like Trump, or Hillary or any millionaire and pay a high priced accountant her taxes so she can avoid paying millions ahhahahahah – and please dont tell me, Juan she gets all her taxes back at the end of the year, yes most of it, but its just proof of a bad system, were this woman is giving back what we took, she probably paid $150.00 to have her tax returns done, by H&R Block, and so lets say she got back a good tax return, but ten lets look at a millionaires tax return, I bet my life percentage wise, millionaires like Hillary, Gates, Trump did a lot better alot better!! a person in the news recently said honestly, that his secretary paid a higher percentage in taxes than he did! this is all i need to say.
Lets change subjects, I dont like;
I said I love soccer/futbol-but i hate bad soccer, OMG can we get thru a specailly South American/Mexican/Central American you get th point.. a game without this guys always acting like they were shot from out of the stand, we call it a dive! good players good teams, but they kill the game with the going down every 5 minutes like they broke something some to jump up and keep palying like nothing happened, this does not happen in Europe alot, unless they got that 1 player from latin America, AND IM LATIN !! so its a big pet peeve of mine..
Also about soccer, can OUR TEAM THE USA NATIONAL TEAM, please get rid of Jurgen Klinsman, espicaly if does not do well next week at the copa America Juane 3 it starts
This man/coach cant come up with a stable line up , say a core group of players, the spine of the team, the group that you can always count on, Yesterday they played against Bolivia a freiendly match to get ready for the Cup tornement, we won 4 nothing (lets not say NIL like europeans, we are Amerian, we say nothing or zero, give the europenas NIL)
Jurgen, for the past 4 years keeps looking for players, this man if he was the Mexican national team coach would have been fired 3 years ago!!! please Jurgen, pick 11 players already and use them as your base!!! fans no longer go watch te USA mens soccer, I personally love watching the womans team, first THEY ARE GOOD they win things, like world cups, we know the players, GET IT JURGEN !! WE KNOW THE PLAYERS, weenjoy following them, but on the mens side?? nothing you play people we see 2 or 3 games and then puff theyre gone?? Jurgen the scientist, always exploring, looking and yet nothing, yesterday I saw a bit of the future, pleaseJurgen dont fuck this one up, PLAY  Pulisic, play Bobby woods, play Darlington NAGBE; these 3 are young the future, enought with experiments, you have a base of approx. 15 good players, I going to TELL you what to do , its my fucking blog I can do anything; Jurgen play — Guzan in goal; CAMERRON, BROOKS, JOHNSON AND YEDLIN these are your defenders //midfield; BRADLEY (always play this guy please, I think you get this one) Jermaine Jones these 2 guys are good in the middle, then comes the tricky part, find a place for the 2 young guys please please Jurgen, NAGBE AND PULISC; we can always use the stablished good guys for me, these are BEDOYA, ZARDES,ZUSI…But thats it this is your midfield, dont experiment with joe blow from zimbabwei that became a US citizen beacuse he has an uncle twiced removed was American, STOP already… and at forward; lets just give up on the lazy guy and always hurt Jozy Altidore please already, he is so talented but so frustrating, also the work lazy applies to Clint Dempsey please Clint look interested once in a while, you hve more talent then any US forward in many years, yet you look like you can use a freaking red bull every time you play, thats why you rarely pick up easy goals you never hustle to the rebounds and like some forward are called “goal poachers” this only happens to those that run and in the right place at the right time, you my friend, just jog and wait to impress us wth the ball at your feet an then yes, you will blow our mind with a fantastic goal, but Clint, these are know very rare, that why English soccer said good by to you, please we need you drink a red bull, wait mke that 2..Then lets go with BOBBY WOOD this guy is young hungry and go with and he hustles, no were near the talent of Altidore and Dempsy but we dont have many more options up front, i hate to say this but forward we dont have many, Jurgen, in all your searches NO FORWARDS found old boy??? O well just with the boys from MLS, like Wondo.. Just please Jurgen, find a group of 11-15 players and let me get to know them, nd root for this guys, call and ask the womens coach about this, before you get fired Jurgen, I hate to see you go, but its almost time….

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